About me

I was born in IJmuiden in 1952. I have lived in the municipality of Velsen all my life. After primary school and secondary school I followed an electrical engineering course at the IJmond MTS.

Most of my employment history I have worked in automation and information provision. Started as a vax-vms administrator and ended as a project manager. Since April 2015 I have been pre-retired and after renovating my house I found time to build websites as a hobby.

A few years ago I already built a website for our choir in HTML. (www.multivocal.nl). Later it was converted to drupal7 (now migrated to D8). For example, I processed the membership file and made sure that the members can download their practice midis. It is also possible that designated choir members can easily enter the news messages and agenda items. All choir members can also enter the blogs. I wanted to build this site in Joomla, but because the drupal knowledge had already taken hold of me too much, I chose the latter. WordPress is not my preference. Already viewed some courses online, but find the warnings about updates to WordPress and the late updates of modules and plugins too risky, unless you purchase them from paid suppliers and that is not the intention.

Sound engineering also has my attention. Both as a sound engineer in our choir and as a technician at home. I use Ubuntu studio for this and as a DAW I use Ardor. For the field, I use Behringer's XR18 as a digital mixing console and since 2019 expanded with an x-touch. The combination between the XR18 and Ardor works perfectly. All 18 tracks can be recorded separately. On March 24, 2018 I recorded our complete Lustrum concert by the pop choir Multivocal in the Thalia Theater in IJmuiden in this way.